Religion is not just a class for Epiphany students. God is invited to be a part of each child’s daily life. The student body gathers each morning to begin the day in song and prayer.  A thread of faith is woven throughout the entire Epiphany curriculum. Time is devoted to the study of scripture, God and the Church. Students thank God before every lunch, and praise Him at the end of every school day.

Epiphany offers frequent opportunities for students to live their faith and personally express their relationship with God. As the central and defining example, the Epiphany family gathers every Friday morning to celebrate Mass together.  Students minister to one another by serving as lectors, choir members, altar servers and gift bearers. On certain special occasions, Epiphany students also minister at Sunday liturgies.

Epiphany students also learn to serve Christ by serving their neighbors.  An Epiphany, education builds an understanding of the world beyond their school. With emphasis on the basic virtues of respect & responsibility, self-discipline, generosity, gratitude, empathy, compassion, cooperation, honesty, stewardship, peacemaking and friendship, Epiphany students become fine stewards of our Church, our community and our environment.

While an Epiphany education is deeply rooted in Catholic and Christian tradition, the presence of students from other faith backgrounds provides a wonderful diversity to the school. Epiphany admits students without regard to race, religion, ethnic background, national origin or disability.