Our Mission

Epiphany Catholic School, a Christ-centered environment, is dedicated to developing the whole child through academic excellence and nourishing servant leaders in the footsteps of Jesus.


Our Vision

Epiphany Catholic School is inspired by the Holy Spirit to achieve academic excellence through a curriculum designed to meet the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social needs of its students. Students are challenged to work to their abilities through an integrated curriculum, in a nurturing, supportive, Christ-centered environment. Focusing on Jesus as the Master Teacher, Epiphany Catholic School recognizes parents as primary educators of their children, united in a partnership with qualified faculty and staff. The student’s individuality and God-given talents are fostered as they discover their role in the family, Church, school, community, country and world.


Students learn and live their faith as it is integrated throughout their studies and interactions. Teachers, students and families celebrate the Liturgy weekly and participate in spiritual activities together throughout the year.



The atmosphere at Epiphany allows students to associate pleasure with learning, and build confidence in their abilities. A safe, loving environment with a family atmosphere between younger and older children makes school a happy place to be.



Intellectually, students are challenged to do their personal best. The special talents that God has given to each child are nurtured and supported. The curriculum is designed to meet Diocesan and State Guidelines. Teachers provide opportunities for hands-on learning both in the classroom and out in the community. Annually, students test well above state and national averages on standardized tests. Our faculty of dedicated teachers is committed to achieving success with each student.



Students are provided daily opportunities to perfect a wide range of skills. Participation in physical education and sports provides a healthy balance of competitive and cooperative physical activities.



Students learn their important role in God’s family, in their own family and in their school family. Christ-like respect, understanding, and caring are the foundations for social learning. At Epiphany Catholic School, that learning is put into action through home, school and community service.