Our Music program at Epiphany:

Music classes at Epiphany are held once a week and run  from 30 – 60 minutes, depending upon the grade level.  K-8 students perform at least twice a year as a school; once in the fall and the other time in late spring. 


Over the course of the school year, students will learn and will be encouraged to …

  • … sing.
  • … read music.
  • ... compose their own arrangement (by hand and with computers).
  • … dance.
  • … be creative and think “out of the box.”
  • … play instruments.
  • … utilize technology.
  • … collaborate with one another.
  • … experience various instrumental families.
  • … participate in field trips (selected grade levels)
  • … connect music with other subjects such as Art, Social Studies, Drama, Science, Religion, and Math.
  • ... sing and/or play in weekly Mass as well as scheduled Sunday celebrations.


Our Instrumental (Band) program at Epiphany:

At the end of third grade, students will have the opportunity to play a musical instrument such as flute, clarinet, or trumpet.  In some cases, percussion is also available.  Students will try each of the instruments to determine whether or not they would like to play an instrument.  The band program begins at Epiphany in grade 4.