Fall Bookworm Central Book Fair

We are hosting our Bookworm Central Book Fair In Person this year!  

Please stop in to shop.  They have a wonderful selection of books for the students as well as Religious titles and books for adults!


Shopping Times

The Book Fair is setup in the Library.  Masks are required. Students must be accompanied by an adult at all after school times. 

Students may also bring in money to shop during school.  Please send it in a sealed envelope or baggie with their name.


Tues. Nov. 2nd & Weds. Nov. 3rd - Preview Days - No Sales 

Thursday, November 4th - *Change* - Open 2pm during school & after school until 4:00pm

Friday, November 5th - Open 2pm during school & after school until 4:00pm

Tuesday, November 9th - Open during schools hours

Wednesday, November 10th - School hours & after school until 4:00pm 

Thursday, November 11th -  During Parent Teacher Conferences 9:00am - 4:00pm *Children must be accompanied by an adult

Friday, November 12th -  After Mass until 11:00am *Last day for the In Person Book Fair




If you are sending in money with your child, please make sure it is in a labeled envelope or baggie with their name.


Thank You for Supporting your child's love of reading and our Library!


If you have any questions, please feel free to email Mrs. Sherry HERE.