pre-kindergarten through grade 8

Uniform Swap & Fitting

Wednesday, July 10th
9:00 AM-12:00 Noon

School Gym


For your convenience, the Uniform Swap will take place at the same time that Flynn & O’Hara is here for their annual uniform fitting. Our representative, Bill Grant, encourages us to allow parents to browse through gently used items prior to placing their order for new uniforms for the upcoming school year. Please note that you do not have to order uniforms at this time. However, if uniform items are needed, your child will be able to try on samples so that you can be sure that, when you do place your order, you will be ordering the correct size and style. It is highly recommended that you place your uniform order no later than August 3rd to be sure that you have what is needed by the first day of school.
Flynn & O’Hara has a store in Fairfax, but their inventory is very limited (many items, including the plaids, may have to be ordered and shipped) and it is a madhouse in August. We don’t recommend it if you have a choice!

For the uniform swap, we ask parents to bring in items that their children have outgrown to pass on to others, with the idea that they will be able to find the next size up in return if they wish. We ask families to take only their minimum need. Please be aware that often some uniform items are limited, or not be available at all. We do not know what families will bring in for the swap.

Guidelines for the Uniform Swap
TAG ALL ITEMS using the attached sheet (12 tags per page)

Please complete all information-especially size! If you aren’t sure, make a guess based on your child’s other clothing.

Attach at the left shoulder (tops/sweaters) or on the front left waistband (bottoms) using a safety pin.

Please note that girls shorts/pants have a tab on the waistband, and a cuff on the shorts. Boys have neither of these.

ONLY official uniform brands may be included. These tags will be:
 Flynn & O’Hara
 Tom Sawyer (boys)
 Becky Thatcher (girls)
 K-12 Gear (boys and girls)
 ANY Uniform items with Epiphany logo

Please do not bring brands other that these for the swap. We will pull them before the swap begins.
Clothing items must be clean and in good condition-no stains, rips, missing buttons, unstitched hems, etc.
Please make sure the proper size is noted on the garment!

Drop off clean and tagged items by Tuesday, July 9th in the school office.